Welcome to Rock And Rosys

Hey There

Welcome to our website. For a long time now we have been saying, “you know, someday we need to put up a site that’s just about us and what we do here for our friends, old and new, that’s kind of fun, kind of different and basically just rocks.” So here we are…finally. Rock And Rosys is for every snake lover, rock and roll music freak, captive born breeding geek, low down dirty desert rats, rock flipping hill climbing cool cats, big city dwelling herper wantabees, and all the rest of you who may have absolutely no knowledge about rosy boas and reptiles in general because here, ALL ARE WELCOME! Booyah!!!

So hang out for a while and cruise our little website. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Rock on everyone!

The Rock And Rosy Crew

Where is Leah The Great?