About Us

Rock And Rosys is the culmination of a very small group of breeders with decades of experience of breeding locality specific Rosy boas, Kingsnakes, Milk snakes and various other species. By small, we mean small! This operation is the result of years of collaboration between Leah The Great, Randy Limburg, and Bob Montoya. Our main facility is located near the beautiful Spring Mountain range in southern Nevada. All of us share a life long passion of rosy boas, whether it be observing specimens in the wild, or endless breeding projects that well, let’s face it, never end! Also, we like to crank up the rock music while enjoying said endeavors.

Rock and roll music and snakes. It doesn’t get much better than that in our opinions. If you’ve ever had the pleasure and opportunity to cruise the deserts and mountains of southern California, Arizona, or Mexico, in the hopes of finding a rosy boa or any snake for that matter, and you have your stereo blasting some righteous rock tunes so loud that your gut vibrates and  the music makes you feel all speed limit signs and traffic laws are merely suggestions, or if you are off road and you could care less if you bottom out your vehicle or rip your oil pan cover completely off because the music is loud and you are in the snake hunting zone, then you can understand and comprehend the very spirit and primal essence of this website. ROCK AND ROSYS! So spend some time here, enjoy the website, buy some high quality snakes and TURN IT UP!

On behalf of Leah, Randy, Bob, Merry, Butch and The Rosy Crew, thank you for visiting, and stay tuned for upcoming breeding projects, some original rock tunes by Shredderbabe and more!

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Rock And Rosys would like to thank these folks for years of love, friendship, support and/or annoyance and pestering!

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